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XML With Visual Basic And VB.NET Archives

A Simple Password-Checking Routine - 12/16/2009
Prevent Users from Launching Multiple Instances of Your Application - 07/27/2009
Get the Last Filled Row or Column in Any Excel Spreadsheet - 06/16/2009
Measuring A Program's Speed - 04/27/2009
Use GetBetween to Parse a String Between Two Strings - 02/17/2009
Resize a Form to the Working Area on the Desktop - 08/05/2008
Associate a File Extension to a Program  - 06/24/2008
Using Data Wizards in .NET 2.0 - 06/10/2008
Write a VB6 String that Contains Double Quotation Marks - 06/02/2008
Make Your Mouse Pointer Tremble - 03/24/2008
Autocomplete Combo Boxes - 03/17/2008
An Improved szEncryptDecrypt VB6 Funtion  - 12/11/2007
Converting from Centigrade to Fahrenheit and Vice Versa - 07/17/2007
How to Draw a Spiral in VB - 01/02/2007
Clear All Occurences of Extra White Space  - 12/27/2006
An Easy Way to Find All Open Forms in VB.NET - 12/04/2006
Iterate Through Characters in a String Using String.ToCharArray - 11/29/2006
Replace All Occurences of Numbers in the Input String  - 11/22/2006
Calculate the Angle Between Two Lines  - 11/15/2006
Displaying a Local Image in a WebBrowser Control - 10/02/2006
Disable the Standard Window Close (X) Button  - 09/26/2006
Printing Color Lines in VB - 07/11/2006
Prevent an IP from Connecting to Your WinSock Server Application - 06/28/2006
Make a Button Click When the User Presses Enter - 06/14/2006
Create a Control Array at Runtime Instead of Design-time - 06/07/2006
Move a Title-less Form - 04/04/2006
Convert Numbers to Excel Column Names - 03/29/2006
Retrieve Records from a Supplied SQL Statement - 03/21/2006
Clear All the Controls in a Form - 03/14/2006
Copy Selected Text Within a Browser to a Clipboard - 02/13/2006
Using a Default Button and a Multiline Text Box on the Same Form - 01/25/2006
The VS.NET 2003 DateTimePicker Control's Default Value - 10/18/2005
Add Two Long Numbers Together Without Causing an Overflow Error - 07/05/2005
Limit the Focus of an MSFlexGrid to a Certain Range of Columns and Rows - 06/28/2005
Building .NET Projects with the Correct References - 06/21/2005
Apply a Gradient to Any Control that Has an hDC - 06/14/2005
Using Pixels in WinForms .NET - 06/14/2005
Masked Edit Control - 05/18/2005
Display itemdata in a ComboBox - 05/10/2005
Sending Emails with Customized Attachment File Names  - 04/19/2005
Connecting to Oracle without Configuring the tnsnames.ora File - 03/29/2005
Improve the Performance of WebDAV in VB.NET - 03/14/2005
Connect to SQL Server Using ADODB Retrieving Records - 03/01/2005
Use XSLT to Create an ASP.NET Page with ASP.NET Server Controls - 01/31/2005
Create and Execute Web Links with the LinkLabel Control  - 01/11/2005
Deselect All Items in a ListView Control  - 01/04/2005
Format a Textbox String to the Correct Currency  - 12/07/2004
A Better Way to Validate a Node Checkbox in a Treeview  - 11/18/2004
Registering ActiveX Files  - 11/08/2004
Read Time Zone Names Stored in the Registry - 11/08/2004
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