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An error that must be trapped : Page 2

When you use JIT activation there is a special situation that you have to be prepared for, and you must learn how to deal correctly with error 462. This article discusses this issue, and mentions other not-so-obvious problems with trapping errors with a With clause. It also shows out to force an access violation error and suggests checking how your components behave in that circumstance.




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The error you will get at the client is "The remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable (462)" and it is of course easy to trap for that and recreate the object. Be sure to centralize the creation code so that you don

Jimmy Nilsson is the owner of the Swedish consultant company JNSK AB (www.jnsk.se). He has been working with system development since late 1988 (with VB since version 1.0) and, in recent years, he has specialized in component-based development, mostly in the Microsoft environment. He has also been developing and presenting courses in database design, object-oriented design, etc. at a Swedish University for six years. Jimmy is the author of ".NET Enterprise Design with Visual Basic .NET and SQL Server 2000" and he often speaks at VSLive conferences.
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