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Scaling Out With Object-Relational Mapping on .NET  : Page 2

This report proves that the robust object-relational mapping technique implemented by Pragmatier Data Tier Builder scales out almost linearly when adding more servers in a Windows 2000 Advanced Server Network Load Balanced (NLB) web farm. An impressive 66 million page requests per day were served with sub second response times (550ms, no image download) by four dual processor PIII application servers with a four-way Xeon database server and a dual processor PIII shared state server.




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The Sample Application

The tested application was a slightly modified version of Pragmatier PetMarché, an enterprise e-commerce application written in VB.NET. It shall be noted that the application would have to be slightly modified in a real world case to integrate it with existing IT-infrastructure and to add better security and stronger monitoring capabilities. Implemented properly, none of these extensions would affect the scalability of the application.

The shopping cart was stored in a shared session state server to allow Network Load Balancing (NLB) with network client affinity turned off. Each request was dynamically routed to a new server regardless of which server handled the previous request allowing fail-over and symmetric load balancing.

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