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Scaling Out With Object-Relational Mapping on .NET  : Page 4

This report proves that the robust object-relational mapping technique implemented by Pragmatier Data Tier Builder scales out almost linearly when adding more servers in a Windows 2000 Advanced Server Network Load Balanced (NLB) web farm. An impressive 66 million page requests per day were served with sub second response times (550ms, no image download) by four dual processor PIII application servers with a four-way Xeon database server and a dual processor PIII shared state server.




Building the Right Environment to Support AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Pragmatier Data Tier Builder .NET Professional Edition allows you to rapidly develop massively scalable applications on the .NET platform. Examining the benefits of increased coding efficiency, automation and a more natural object-oriented data model promises productivity boosts of more than 400%, lower cost of maintenance and shorter time to implement changing requirements. This translates to an excellent Total Cost of Ownership.

On top of that, this report shows that you achieve near linear scaling when adding more application servers to a Network Load Balanced web farm.

Pragmatier Data Tier Builder .NET Professional Edition, Visual Studio .NET, the .NET platform and the .NET framework we believe present the most cost efficient solution to enterprise application development leveraging superior flexibility and excellent total cost of ownership.

More information can be found at www.pragmatier.com.

Issues and Optimisations

Test results are only useful if you have a complete picture of the circumstances surrounding the tests. It is easy to draw the wrong conclusions because you lack knowledge about the specifics – hence the saying “lies, damn lies and benchmarks”. We experienced a couple of issues and implemented a small number but important optimisations during the tests.


• During browsing, a call is made to the URL “[…]/petmarchev10” which returns a “Resource has moved” message quickly (.02 msec) since it doesn’t require any processing. We have subtracted these requests from all results in order to get more accurate values.
• During the distributed transaction tests we could not use Network Load Balancing because it conflicted with the Distributed Transaction Coordinator. The reason for this was never uncovered during the tests, instead we ran the servers in the application server tier in parallel, simulating that the application directs each visitor to a specific server when placing orders. This is in practice an only a minor set back, but caused some frustration when trying to pin down the problems.
• ACT only generates 2000 concurrent users per controller. We had to manually start four controllers simultaneously to simulate 8000 concurrent users. This had no affect on the tests except being cumbersome.

We made a handful of optimisations to improve the locking of resources in the database. These optimisations were implemented during the first days of the test and will be included in a free update of Pragmatier Data Tier Builder. Expect improved performance when running with many concurrent users.


If you have any comments regarding these tests, good or bad, please let us know. If you are interested in learning more about the tests, object-relational mapping on the .NET platform or especially Pragmatier Data Tier Builder visit our website or contact us.



Pragmatier Data Tier Builder .NET Professional Edition
Pragmatier Data Tier Builder is an integrated modelling tool, code and database generator. It generates a complete data tier including an O/R DAL (data access layer with object-relational mapping) and a fully normalised back-end database schema. It can also wrap and extend existing databases.


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Object-Relational Mapping – Taking the Horror Out of Data Access

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Author's bio: Mats Helander has founded and is CTO of the object-relational mapping tools company Pragmatier. Sebastian Ware has founded and is CEO of Pragmatier. Pragmatier is available at http://www.pragmatier.com.
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