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The VB2TheMax Team at VBITS Stockholm!

Three members of the VB2TheMax Team - Francesco Balena, Dino Esposito, and Jimmy Nilsson - were giving sessions at VBITS Stockholm in May. They were joined by another VB2TheMax guy, Francesco Albano, who wrote this short review of their sessions and the conference in general. Odds are that you won't learn anything about VB by reading this article, but if you've never attended a VBITS conference, at least you can have an idea of what you're missing.




Building the Right Environment to Support AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

This was my first time in Stockholm, and was literally fascinated by this Northern capital, by its old town, with its narrow streets crowded with people (and tourists) and its modern neighborhood that are a delight for go-shoppers. But I can’t forget I am here to attend VBITS, held on May 21-23 at the Stockholm Fair.

This edition is a bit special for us at VB2TheMax, because three members of our team

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