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Create installations with Visual Studio Installer : Page 2

Visual Studio Installer is a free tool from Microsoft for creating installations for Windows applications. Visual Studio Installer is available in two English versions: version 1.0 works on Windows 98 and version 1.1 works also on Windows ME and 2000/XP. You can download version 1.1 from here. The on-line documentation and MSDN articles show the differences between VSI and the Installation Wizard accompanying Visual Basic. This article is just an overview of the VSI features.




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Installation properties


From the Project menu select the last command, containing the project name and the word properties. The following dialog box will appear, where you can specify or modify package properties:



there are some properties to be configured:

1.    output type: debug or release version. The first one is useful to test your package, the second one (final) is the version you should distribute;

2.    destination folder: you can leave it unchanged. It is the folder where the .MSI package will be placed;

3.    build type: selecting Installer with Windows Installer Loader, our package will install the Windows Installer engine on the final user machine if not present (suggested);

4.    compressio n: you can choose between standard Installer (suggested), cabinets (.cab) or uncompressed. You can also set the compression method, by speed or by size;

5.    destination folders for your application: VSI suggests the Program Files Folder (something like C:\Program Files on your machine) and the name of your application in a text box. The resulting folder will be C:\Program Files\MyApp. Here you can modify the folder name as you like;

6.    product informations: specify your software properties: product name, version, GUID and upgrade GUID. These two codes are generated by VSI and can be changed manually;

7.    support informations: specify here your e-mail address, URL or phone number if you want to be contacted for help;

8.    summary: for additional informations about your product;

9.    merge module search path and launch condition: these are for advanced users and should be leaved unchanged. Read the on-line documentation for more information about these options.


The User Interface

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