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STA Comes Not from STAbility : Page 3

Microsoft proclaims VB 6 and STA components as stable enterprise architecture for the middle tier. On the other hand you can find lots of strong restrictions for STA under COM+. You should learn all the restrictions as well as investigate their real reasons and possible effects before picking out some particular architecture. This time the author helps you to study a piece of Microsoft day-to-day advice "Don't make blocking calls from STA."




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Here is the function that returns COM-related flags variable from the TLS. It also proved useful in the course of the investigation for example, to find out whether the thread is running in Main STA or not.



Victor Novik works with company Scala (www.scala.net) in its RnD centre. He has been working with C++ system and network development for some years and recently he has specialized in COM+. Also he knows the buzzword XML (it is size of underpants, thank to Jon Gogan from Fujitsu who explained that) He is a graduate of Moscow State University named after Bauman. Feel free to reach Victor by e-mail at victor.novik@scala.net. Your feedback is much appreciated.
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