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Property Builder Addin

Date: May 10, 1999
Author: Francesco Balena
Description: This addin greatly accelerates the process of creating new property procedures, both in class, form, UserControl and UserDocument modules. You enter the name of the property, its type, its arguments (if any), its initial value (if any), scope (Public, Friend, Private), type (read/write, read-only, write-only, write-once/read-many), and the addin creates the code for you.
You can also create Default properties by ticking a checkbox in this dialog, without having to invoke the Procedure Attributes dialog. If you add a description to the property, this will become a header comment and, at the same time, the string will be assigned to the Description attribute of the property. The addin comes with a number of predefined properties and attributes, that can be then selected from the "Name" combobox.

Update: A few VB-2-The-Max visitors asked for the capability to create multiple properties without having to re-invoke the add-in, so here it is. Together with a bug fix for an error that occurred when you run the add-in without any project open.

Click here to download the file.

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