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The MB HiTimer ActiveX control

Date: May 20, 2000
Author: Marco Bellinaso
Description: Everybody knows that the VB timer is not much accurate: about 10 milliseconds on Windows NT and 50 milliseconds on Win9.x. In addition, the interval value is a Integer value so you can't choose an interval greater that just over 1 minute. If you need greater accuracy or longer intervals, the MB HiTimer is the right control. It has a accuracy of 1 ms and an Interval property specified as a Long value. This control includes the CountDown and the StopWatch methods to benchmarck your routines. The package includes both the control and a class module with the same features, so that you can use this better timer even if you don't have a form to place a control. You can gets notifications from the class through standard events or though a secondary interface. Get the source code.

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