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The MB Scroller Control

Date: Sep 23, 2000
Author: Marco Bellinaso
Description: Have you ever spent your time trying to arrange too many controls on a form that was too small for all of them? Now you can relax, at last. Just drop the MB Scroller Control on a form and all your other control on the Scroller. if the form resizes and not all the controls are not visible, the Scroller control shows a vertical/horizontal scrollbar, thus making your form a scrollable form. The scrollbars hide and show automatically, and if you have the ActiveDesktop installed you can also change their style into 3D, Flat or Track3D, the same styles of the VB FlatScrollbar) and their background color. The control exposes all the standard scrollbar's events, as well as two methods to programmatically scroll the form's contents. Get the source code.

Click here to download the file.

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