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The Find and Change Properties Add-in

Date: Oct 14, 2000
Author: Dean J. Giovanelli
Description: This Add-in lets developers quickly find & replace properties in their active VB6 project without exiting the VBIDE or editing any source code and with minimal usage of the vb properties window. The results are displayed in a grid that can be sorted multiple ways by column and can also be exported to a text file or HTML. Options include Find Whole Word Only, Match Case & more. Instructions/Help and a setup.exe program are provided. This Add-in is the answer to that tedious task of having to look through all the files and associated controls just to find a certain value or to make sure all similar controls have identical values where needed. You can double-click a row to select that control in the VB Properties window and can easily change multiple properties with a single button press.
Updated Version: The new version includes a bunch of features that users have requested, such as: (1) the ability to export data into Access 97 tables & Excel 97 spreadsheets, (2) the VB common Font, Color, and Open File dialog boxes used for changing these Properties, (3) The Pattern-Matching option, (4) the ability to edit and change properties that are longer than 255 characters in a better way than the VB Properties window does, (5) an improved UI, and more.

Click here to download the file.

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