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VB 2 HTML ActiveX converter

Date: Jun 9, 2003
Author: Kevin
Description: This component is intended to take valid Visual Basic source code an convert it to properly colorized HTML with procedure seperators. The input can either be a file of any type, or a string of VB code. The output will be a completely self contained HTML string that you can write to file or use to display on the screen. The HTML uses embedded Cascading Style Sheets so the resulting HTML is smaller and more customizable. Included in this Zip file is the small ActiveX DLL compiled with VC++, and a couple of VB6 sample projects that show how to use the component. One sample is a basic test application that shows how to use all of the methods and properties of the component. The other sample project puts the component into an Add-In for the VB IDE which puts a "Save As HTML" menu button in VB's main File menu. It gives you an easy way to save the current code window as HTML.

Click here to download the file.

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