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FormToIni ActiveX control

Date: Aug 11, 2003
Author: Yumashin Alexey
Description: This freeware ActiveX control makes it extremely easy to save and load controls' property values to and from the registry or INI files. Creating a "binding" between a property and a INI/registry's key is done from the control's custom Properties dialog, and it doesn't require any code. Once the bindings have been defined, you call SaveConfig and LoadConfig to save and load the values of the bound properties. When you create a binding between a control and a key, you can limit key values, define dependence upon other controls' state, display custom messages on particular conditions, break method execution in critical situations, define the order in which settings must be loaded into the form's controls (useful if controls are dependant upon each other through events Click and Change), and much more. FormToIni comes with a HTML help file and a demo project.

Click here to download the file.

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