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Language: VB4
Expertise: Advanced
Jul 17, 1999



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A VarPtr substitute function for VB4

Both VB5 and VB6 include a hidden function, named VarPtr, that returns the address of a variable. Many advanced tricks and routines, on VB2TheMax or other site, use this function. However, VB4 doesn't directly support VarPtr, so it seems that you can't use such routines with those older versions of the language.

It turns out, however, that the VarPtr function is present in the runtime DLL, so you only need the proper Declare function to use it:

#If Win16 Then
    Declare Function VarPtr Lib "VB40016.DLL" (variable As Any) As Long
    Declare Function VarPtr Lib "VB40032.DLL" (variable As Any) As Long
#End If
Francesco Balena
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