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Language: VB4,VB5,VB6
Expertise: beginner
Jul 1, 2000



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Create arrowed buttons without icons

You don't need to use icons or bitmap to create buttons with arrows on them. In fact, you just have to select the "Windings" font, set a suitable font size (e.g. 12 or 14 points), and then enter one of these characters:

Line arrows
Chr$(223) Left Arrow
Chr$(224) Right Arrow
Chr$(225) Up Arrow
Chr$(226) Down Arrow
Chr$(227) Up-Left Arrow
Chr$(228) Up-Right Arrow
Chr$(229) Down-Left Arrow
Chr$(230) Down-Right Arrow

Solid arrows
Chr$(231) Left Arrow
Chr$(232) Right Arrow
Chr$(233) Up Arrow
Chr$(234) Down Arrow
Chr$(235) Up-Left Arrow
Chr$(236) Up-Right Arrow
Chr$(237) Down-Left Arrow
Chr$(238) Down-Right Arrow

Outlined arrows
Chr$(239) Left Arrow
Chr$(240) Right Arrow
Chr$(241) Up Arrow
Chr$(242) Down Arrow
Chr$(245) Up-Left Arrow [note the gap here]
Chr$(246) Up-Right Arrow
Chr$(247) Down-Left Arrow
Chr$(248) Down-Right Arrow

This font include many other useful symbols, such as hands, airplanes, mailboxes, astrological signs, smileys, circled digits, checkmarks, and more.

Francesco Balena
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