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Language: VB6,VBS
Expertise: Intermediate
Oct 23, 1999



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Replace the last occurrence of a string

Here is a one-liner that replaces the last occurrence of a substring in a string. It is slightly less efficient than using the InstrRev plus a Replace statement, but at least you can use it in-line inside another expression. And it is also one of the few occasions to use the StrReverse function, undoubtedly the least useful addition to the VBA language in years:

' replace only the LAST occurrence of a the SEARCH substring in SOURCE 
' with the REPLACESTR string - search isn't case-sensitive
ReplaceLast = StrReverse(Replace(StrReverse(Source), StrReverse(Search), _
    StrReverse(ReplaceStr), , 1))
Francesco Balena
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