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Language: VB4,VB5,VB6,VBS
Expertise: beginner
Feb 19, 2000



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Extract Red,Green,Blue components of a color

If you have a 32-bit color value in RGB format, you can extract its Red, Green and Blue components using the following routines:

Function GetRed(ByVal lColor As Long) As Long
    GetRed = lColor Mod 256
End Function

Function GetGreen(ByVal lColor As Long) As Long
    GetGreen = (lColor \ &H100) Mod 256
End Function

Function GetBlue(ByVal lColor As Long) As Long
    GetBlue = (lColor \ &H10000) Mod 256
End Function

Remember that you can combine the red, green and blue components into a RGB color using the built-in RGB function

rgbColor = RGB(redColor, greenColor, blueColor)
Marco Bellinaso
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