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Language: VB5,VB6
Expertise: Intermediate
Jul 22, 2000



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Send HTML Email via CDO

Ever wonder how to send email that looks like a web page? Here is how you do it. Note: You must have CDO for NT referenced for this to work.

'Sends an email to the appropriate person(s).
'From = Email address being sent from
'SendTo = List of email addresses separated by a semicolon.  Example:
'       sm@xyz.com; steve@work.com; jane@home.com
'Subject = Text that summarizes what the email is about
'HTMLText = Body of text that is the email
'AttachmentPath = Directory in which the attachment resides
'Attachment = File to send with the email

Sub SendEmailHTML(From As String, SendTo As String, Subject As String, _
    HTMLText As String, Optional AttachmentPath As String, _
    Optional Attachment As String, Optional CC As String)
    Const constRoutine As String = "SendEmailHTML"

    Dim strSendTo As String
    Dim objSendMail As CDONTS.NewMail
    Dim i As Integer

    On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
    'Do not cause the user a major error, just log the error and keep going
    If SendTo = "" Then Exit Sub

    Set objSendMail = New CDONTS.NewMail

    With objSendMail
        On Error Resume Next
        .From = From
        If CC <> "" Then
            .CC = CC
        End If

        On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
        .To = SendTo
        .Subject = Subject
        .Body = HTMLText
        .MailFormat = CdoMailFormats.CdoMailFormatMime
        .BodyFormat = CdoBodyFormats.CdoBodyFormatHTML
        AttachmentPath = Trim$(AttachmentPath)
        If AttachmentPath <> "" Then
            If Right$(AttachmentPath, 1) <> "\" Then
                AttachmentPath = AttachmentPath & "\"
            End If
            .AttachFile (AttachmentPath & Attachment)
        End If
    End With
    Set objSendMail = Nothing
    Exit Sub

    'Send error back
    Err.Raise Err.Number, Err.Source, Err.Description

End Sub

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Steve Miller
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