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Language: VB5,VB6
Expertise: Intermediate
Aug 4, 2001



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Determine whether the IDE is in design, break, or run mode

The VBIDE object model doesn't offer any native property or method to determine whether the IDE is in design-time mode, run-time mode, or debug (break) mode. However, it's easy to deduct this information by looking at the Enabled property of the menu commands in the Run top-level menu:

' this code assumes that VBInstance holds a reference
' the the VBE root object

With VBInstance.CommandBars("Run")
    If .Controls("End").Enabled = False Then
        ' we are in design mode
    ElseIf .Controls("Break").Enabled Then
        ' we are in run mode
        ' we are in break mode
    End if
End With
Note, however, that this code might not work under localized versions of Visual Basic.
Francesco Balena
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