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Language: VB6,MTS,COM+
Expertise: beginner
Dec 15, 2001



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Make COM objects in a COM+ application visible to clients

What I describe for COM+, applies to MTS with some slight differences as well.

Registering COM objects remotely has been quite a pain before MTS showed up (remember the VBR file?). In COM+ it's very easy to do:

1) Right click on the COM+ application and choose export Choose application proxy, choose the export package file name (.msi file)
2) Go to the client, run the .msi file, (make it accessible to the server creating a proper share), you are done.

Watch out there is a bug in W2K SP2 that produces a bad .msi file that don't register the component correctly. Get the proper post SP2 fix from MS before SP3 will be released.

The other export option you have in W2K is conceived to deploy an exact copy of the COM+ App to another server. In MTS you do not have these two options separately. The export option in MTS produces both kind of exports. The export for the client is the exe file in the client subdirectory.

Enrico Sabbadin
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