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Language: VS.NET
Expertise: beginner
Jun 2, 2003



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Creating custom help filters

If you open the VS.NET documentation (either from within the IDE or by clicking the respective icon under the Start | Programs| Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 folder) you can use the Filtered by dropdown box to select a filter, and load in the list/tree control below only the subset of topics you're interested in. The dropdown box have a number of predefined filters, but the great thing is that you can define your own! To do so click the Help | Edit Filters... command, and in the page that is loaded click the New link on the top, to create a new filter. Then you can start defining your filter by selecting languages, products, source types and more options, from the bottom half of the page. Once you're done, click the Save As link at the top, and give a name to the new filter. You can now select it from the dropdown box, and have the results filtered by your custom choices.
Marco Bellinaso
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