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Language: VB5,VB6
Expertise: Intermediate
Dec 9, 2000



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TileBitmap - Tile a bitmap using the PaintPicture method

' Tile a bitmap to a form or a Bitmap box
' Target can be a Form or a BitmapBox control
' Bitmap can be the Bitmap property of a PictureBox or an Image control,
' or the return value of a LoadPicture function
' Example: TileBitmap Form1, LoadPicture("C:\myimage.bmp")

Sub TileBitmap(Target As Object, Bitmap As StdPicture)
    Dim x As Single
    Dim y As Single
    Dim bmpWidth As Single
    Dim bmpHeight As Single

    ' get Bitmap's size, in the coordinate system
    ' of the target Form or BitmapBox
    bmpWidth = Target.ScaleX(Bitmap.Width, vbHimetric, Target.ScaleMode)
    bmpHeight = Target.ScaleY(Bitmap.Height, vbHimetric, Target.ScaleMode)
    ' tile the Bitmap
    For x = 0 To Target.Width Step bmpWidth
        For y = 0 To Target.Height Step bmpHeight
            Target.PaintPicture Bitmap, x, y
End Sub

Francesco Balena
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