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Language: VB5,VB6
Expertise: Intermediate
Apr 28, 2001



Building the Right Environment to Support AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

ConvertWordDocument - Convert a Microsoft Word DOC file to another format

' Convert a Word-compatible format to an other format.
' Parameters:
'  - sFileName is the file to convert
'  - wdFormat is the destination file's format
'  - sNewFileName is the destination file. If not specified the the routine 
' will use the sFileName's path & name
' NOTE: requires the Microsoft Word type library
' Example: convert from DOC to HTML
'   ConvertWordDocument("C:\Documents\MyWordFile.doc", wdFormatHTML)

Function ConvertWordDocument(ByVal sFilename As String, _
    Optional ByVal wdFormat As WdSaveFormat = wdFormatText, _
    Optional ByVal sNewFileName As String) As Boolean
    Dim iPointer As MousePointerConstants
    Dim sExtension As String
    Dim oWord As New Word.Application

    On Error GoTo ErrHandler
    iPointer = Screen.MousePointer
    ' open the file
    oWord.Documents.Open sFilename, False, False, False, , , , , , _
    ' the destination filename if sFileName is sNewFileName is missing
    If Len(sNewFileName) = 0 Then
        sNewFileName = sFilename
        ' remove the actual extension ad add the one specified by sExtension
        If InStr(sNewFileName, ".") > 0 Then sNewFileName = Left$(sNewFileName, _
            InStr(sNewFileName, ".") - 1)
        ' set the extension for the selected destination format
        sExtension = Switch(wdFormat = wdFormatDocument, ".doc", _
            wdFormat = wdFormatDOSText, ".txt", _
            wdFormat = wdFormatDOSTextLineBreaks, ".txt", _
            wdFormat = wdFormatEncodedText, ".txt", wdFormat = wdFormatHTML, _
            ".htm", wdFormat = wdFormatRTF, ".rtf", wdFormat = wdFormatTemplate, _
            ".doc", wdFormat = wdFormatText, ".dot", _
            wdFormat = wdFormatTextLineBreaks, ".txt", _
            wdFormat = wdFormatUnicodeText, ".txt")
        ' add the extension to the file name
        sFilename = sFilename & sExtension
    End If
    ' save the file
    oWord.ActiveDocument.SaveAs sNewFileName, wdFormat, , , False
    ' close Word
    Set oWord = Nothing

    ConvertWordDocument = True
    ' restore the original mouse pointer
    Screen.MousePointer = iPointer
End Function

Marco Bellinaso
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