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Language: VB7
Expertise: Intermediate
Oct 5, 2002



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CreateDataReader - Create a DataReader over any connection

' return a DataReader over a generic Connection
' CN is the OleDbConnect or SqlConnection object
' SQL is the SQL Select statement to be executed
' if closed, the connection will be opened and then closed on exit
' any exception is returned to the caller

Function CreateDataReader(ByVal cn As System.Data.IDbConnection, _
    ByVal sql As String) As System.Data.IDataReader
    Dim cmdBehavior As CommandBehavior = CommandBehavior.Default

    ' open the connection if necessary
    If (cn.State And ConnectionState.Open) = 0 Then
        ' open the connection if closed
        ' close it automatically when the DataReader is disposed
        cmdBehavior = CommandBehavior.CloseConnection
    End If
    ' prepare the SQL SELECT command
    Dim cmd As System.Data.IDbCommand = cn.CreateCommand()
    cmd.CommandText = sql
    ' create a DataReader - enforce the desired behavior
    Dim dr As System.Data.IDataReader = cmd.ExecuteReader(cmdBehavior)
    ' dispose the Command object and return the result
    Return dr
End Function
Francesco Balena
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