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Language: VB7
Expertise: Intermediate
Oct 28, 2002



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ArrayInsertElement - Inserting an element in any type of array

' A generic routine that inserts an element in any type of array.
' Example: inserting an entry of value 5 between the 1st and 2nd entry of the 
' array arr
'     ArrayInsertElement(arr, 1, 5)

Sub ArrayInsertElement(ByVal arr As Array, ByVal index As Integer, _
    Optional ByVal newValue As Object = Nothing)
    ' shift elements from arr(index) to arr(index+1) to make room.
    Array.Copy(arr, index, arr, index + 1, arr.Length - index - 1)
    ' Assign the element using the SetValue method
    arr.SetValue(newValue, index)
End Sub

' Note: this code is taken from Francesco Balena's "Programming Microsoft 
' Visual Basic .NET" book (MS Press 2002)
Francesco Balena
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