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Language: VB7
Expertise: beginner
Apr 28, 2003



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ExplodeForm - Showing a form with an explosion effect

' Show a form with an explosion effect.
' the numSteps parameter is the number of steps to increase the form size from 
' 0 to the original size
' the stepDuration argument is the number of milliseconds between each step

' Example:
'   Private Sub Form1_Activated(...) Handles MyBase.Activated
'      ExplodeForm(Me)
'   End Sub

Sub ExplodeForm(ByVal frm As Form, Optional ByVal numSteps As Integer = 25, _
    Optional ByVal stepDuration As Integer = 10)
    ' do nothing if the form is minimized or maximized
    If frm.WindowState <> FormWindowState.Normal Then Exit Sub

    Dim origLeft As Integer = frm.Left
    Dim origTop As Integer = frm.Top
    Dim origHeight As Integer = frm.Height
    Dim origWidth As Integer = frm.Width
    Dim stepHeight = origHeight / numSteps
    Dim stepWidth = origWidth / numSteps
    Dim newHeight, newWidth As Integer

    Dim i As Integer
    For i = 1 To numSteps
        'calc the new height/width
        newHeight += stepHeight
        newWidth += stepWidth
        ' display the form
        frm.SetBounds(origLeft, origTop, newWidth, newHeight)
        ' pause if so is requested

    ' ensure that the form is completely visible
    frm.SetBounds(origLeft, origTop, origWidth, origHeight)
End Sub
Marco Bellinaso
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