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Language: VB7
Expertise: Intermediate
Jun 9, 2003



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Age - Evaluating the age of a person, given his/her birth date

' Evaluate the age of a person, given his/her birth date
' Example: Debug.WriteLine(Age(#9/28/1980#))  ' => 22

Function Age(ByVal birthDate As Date, Optional ByVal currentDate As Date = #1/1/ _
    1900#, Optional ByVal exactAge As Boolean = True) As Integer
    If currentDate = #1/1/1900# Then currentDate = Date.Today
    Age = currentDate.Year - birthDate.Year

    If exactAge Then
        ' subtract one if this year's birthday hasn't occurred yet
        If New Date(currentDate.Year, birthDate.Month, _
            birthDate.Day) > currentDate Then
            Age -= 1
        End If
    End If
End Function
Marco Bellinaso
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