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Language: VB6
Expertise: Intermediate
Sep 15, 2003



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CheckSpelling - Using the Word's check-spelling engine

' Do the check spelling on the input text
' Returns the input text with the corrections applied from the Word's check-
' spelling dialog
' Note: it requires a reference to the MS Word 9.0 library
' Example:
'   MsgBox (CheckSpelling("This sentence iss far from being correcta"))

Function CheckSpelling(ByVal strString As String) As String
    Dim objWord As Word.Application
    Dim objDoc As Word.Document
    ' use the hourglass mouse cursor
    Dim oldMousePointer As Variant
    oldMousePointer = Screen.MousePointer
    Screen.MousePointer = vbHourglass

    Set objWord = New Word.Application
    With objWord
        .Visible = False
        ' create a new document, and "paste" the input text
        Set objDoc = .Documents.Add
        .Selection.Text = strString
        ' run the check-spelling
        strString = .Selection.Text
        ' close the document
        objDoc.Close wdDonotSaveChanges
        Set objDoc = Nothing
        ' close the Word instance
        .Quit wdDonotSaveChanges
    End With
    Set objWord = Nothing
    ' restore the original couse cursor
    Screen.MousePointer = oldMousePointer
    CheckSpelling = strString
End Function
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