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Book Excerpt: Performance Analysis for Java Websites

Web sites based on Java application servers have unique performance challenges. Now, three of IBM's leading experts present the first systematic guide to measuring, analyzing, and improving the performance of Java-based Web sites and applications. Drawing on their consulting experience with hundreds of sites, the authors identify common performance issues that arise in a wide range of e-commerce, B2B and financial applications, and present solutions.




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ow well does your Java Web site perform? Does it have enough capacity to handle today's user demands on its busiest days? Can it support additional users in the future? Will you lose potential customers because your Web application is too slow? Regrettably, many companies release Web sites to their users without knowing the answer to these questions. Performance is a serious issue. If your Web site becomes unresponsive, you may lose potential sales or customer loyalty. In fact, government regulations sometimes require some financial Web sites to remain responsive regardless of the level of customer demand.

This book includes guidance for measuring and enhancing the performance of both Java-based handheld/wireless applications and sites built with Enterprise JavaBeans. Performance Analysis for Java Websites includes a practical, easy-to-use symptom reference for isolating and resolving a wide range of bottlenecks.

Designed to benefit those with a little or a lot of performance testing background, this book helps you get the most from your performance analysis investment. The book is organized to give the novice the basics before plunging into more advanced topics. If you're new to performance work, start with a thorough reading of the first chapter to nail down the basic terminology and concepts you'll need to understand the more advanced material. (More advanced readers might want to skim this section for any new information before moving on to the advanced material.)

Chapter 7, "Test Scripts," discusses determining user behavior, test script basics, how to write atomic scripts, dynamic data entry, and much more.

Download the PDF of Chapter 7: "Test Scripts"

Reproduced from Performance Analysis for Java Websites by permission of Addison-Wesley ISBN 0-201-84454-0, copyright 2003. All rights reserved.

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