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Book Excerpt: JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook

On numerous online forums for JavaScript and DHTML, the majority of questions begin with "How do I...?" This new cookbook provides the answers with a comprehensive collection of problems, solutions, and practical examples.




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he JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook is all about adding value to the content of a Web page. The book focuses on practical and sensible applications of scripting, rather than flying images and gratuitous color changes. For every problem Goodman addresses, there's a solution or "recipe"—a focused piece of code that Web developers can insert directly into their applications. Yet, rather than just cut-and-paste code, you also get explanations of how and why the code works, so you can learn to adapt the problem-solving techniques to your designs.

The recipes range from simple tasks, such as manipulating strings and validating dates in JavaScript, to entire libraries that demonstrate complex tasks, such as cross-browser positioning of HTML elements and sorting tables.

Chapter 10: "Page Navigation Techniques" discusses how to load a new page or anchor, keep a page out of the browser history, pass data between pages, create menus, and much more.

Download the PDF of Chapter 10: "Page Navigation Techniques"

Reproduced from the JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook by permission of O'Reilly & Associates. ISBN 0-596-00467-2, copyright 2003. All rights reserved.

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