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FlashSound API: The Sound of Invisible Flash  : Page 2

Learn to use Flash to add interactive sound to your Web pages.




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Create a Sound-Only Movie: Prepare the Library
Before you "sonify" a site with the FlashSound API, you need to create the sound-only movie that contains your sounds. The movie contains a movie clip for each sound. The first step in creating these clips is to prepare your movie's library. The library contains your sounds and copies of a special movie clip symbol that supports interacting with sound. Each sound in the library must have an associated copy of this special movie clip. You can interactively start and stop sound-only movie clips using the FlashSound API. To create your library:Download the Sound_Only_Movie_Clip_v2.zip. Unzip the file and place the Sound_Only_Movie_Clip_v2.fla in the Libraries folder of the Flash application folder. (You can replace the "_" character with regular spaces after you download the file).

Launch Flash and create a new movie. Open the Windows menu and select Common Libraries, choose Sound Only Movie (see Figure 1).Open your movie's library window. Drag the sound-only mc v2 icon on to your movie's library window (see Figure 2).

Import one or more sounds into Flash. Under the file menu, choose Import and then Browse to find your sound (.wav for windows/.aiff for MacOS). Open your movie's library window. Your library window should contain a movie clip symbol named "sound only mc v2" and a sound symbol for each sound you import (see Figure 3).Rename the sound-only mc v2 symbol by single-clicking the text name and typing a new name in the highlighted area. The new movie clip symbol name should be descriptive of its corresponding sound. This will make it easier to manage your sounds as your library grows (see Figure 4).

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