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FlashSound API: The Sound of Invisible Flash  : Page 5

Learn to use Flash to add interactive sound to your Web pages.




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Create a Sound-Only Movie: Compress Sound
After you are finished importing sounds and creating sound-only movie clips, you should apply compression to each sound in the Library window. Just like graphic compression, audio compression makes Web sites load faster.Double-click the speaker icon of a sound in the Library window.

In the Sound Properties dialog box choose set compression to MP3, select a bit rate, and set the quality to Best. The lower the bit rate, the smaller the audio file size; however, lowering the bit rate also diminishes sound fidelity. Some sounds compress with less apparent fidelity loss than others. You should experiment with the compression settings for your sounds to see which settings work best for you (see Figure 14).Here's the procedure:

  • Click the Test button to hear the quality of your sound at a given MP3 compression setting.
  • Choose RAW under the compression menu to hear the sound without compression.
  • Click the Stop button to stop playback of the sound.
  • Click OK when finished.
Follow the above procedure for each sound in the Library window.When you export a movie as SWF, Flash compresses all sounds according to your compression settings. This does not affect the original sound file on your hard drive. Flash makes a copy of these files, compresses them and adds them to the swf (Flash 5 file format). In addition, when you test a sound, notice that Flash takes a moment to process the sound before playback. That slight delay occurs because Flash makes a temporary copy of the sound, compresses it and then plays it. Compressing a sound does not change the original source audio file on your hard drive.

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