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FlashSound API: The Sound of Invisible Flash  : Page 6

Learn to use Flash to add interactive sound to your Web pages.




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Create a Sound-Only Movie: Export the SWF
After you have finished creating sound-only movie clips and setting the compression for all the sounds in the library, you are ready to export your sound-only movie in SWF format. SWF is a compressed and compiled version of your original FLA movie. The SWF file size is usually much smaller for any given sound than wav or aiff files and is the required format for the Flash player. Follow this procedure to export the SWF file:
  • Choose Export Movie under the File Menu.
  • Browse to the folder you want to save, enter a file name for your SWF, and and click Save or OK.
  • Click OK in the Export Flash Player dialog box. Flash will show a status bar as it compesses all sounds with MP3.
You can also create an SWF with the Publish command. Publish and Export Movie commands achieve the same results. If you decide to use Publish, be sure to uncheck the HTML checkbox in the Format tab of the Publish Settings dialog box. This prevents Flash from creating an unnecessary HTML document.

Sound-only movies have many sounds.
Each sound is contained in a sound-only movie clip.
A sound-only movie comprises multiple sound-only movie clips, each containing a sound.
Each movie clip has a unique name.
Single-click a movie clip circle to change its instance name.
Double-click a movie clip circle to access its timeline.
Click the Scene 1 button on the main stage to return to the root timeline.

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