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Flash MX Is a Big Step Forward  : Page 4

Macromedia plans to change the face of Web development with Flash MX. Find out how this major new release changes Web clients for the better and get early information on upcoming products in the MX line.




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I do have a few grievances that shouldn't go unmentioned.

  • The documentation and on-line support that comes with the product itself is quite meager. Examples are few and unenlightening, and detailed, step-by-step explanations for key features are unwritten or hidden. For example, custom components, a major new feature in MX, receives no treatment in the documentation. Happily, Macromedia promises to publish additional documentation on the Macromedia designer and developer center
  • While it's not huge, the Flash 6 player is hefty enough to give pause to low-bandwith developers, up in the 350K range for the Windows IE version.
  • Better published movie protection would be nice, as well as the ability to override the security sandbox for XML objects, to allow XML transfers from remote domains. Without override ability, developers will have to build intermediary server applications for Web service-based applications.
  • Support for streaming media metadata files such as wvx would also be helpful; until summer, authors will still have to spawn HTML windows to display large-volume streaming video
Despite these grievances, the long awaited interface revisions, scripting improvements, and new features make Flash MX a worthwhile investment for multimedia authors. But it is the entire Macromedia MX product line—rich client interfaces with directly connected application services—that's really worth waiting for. MX is poised to fundamentally alter what we expect from the web. And while Flash MX by itself won't send HTML into obsolescence, it will effect profound changes in Internet content.

Ian Bogost is the vice president technology for Media Revolution, an integrated marketing agency in Santa Monica, CA. Ian creates rich user experiences that fuse content delivery, functionality, and marketing messaging for the entertainment and advertising industries. Ian has worked on numerous distinguished projects for high profile clients, including DreamWorks SKG, Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment, MGM, and Unisys.
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