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What's New In IIS 6.0: A Practical Administrative Guide (Part 2 of 2) : Page 3

The first article in this two-part series explored IIS 6.0's new features. This part of the series concentrates on the "hands on" activities to implement and manage those new features. You'll see how to configure IIS 6.0 to leverage Web services extensions, enable ASP.NET processing, and troubleshoot some new IIS 6.0 issues.




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Backing up and Restoring the Metabase
The IIS 6.0 Metabase stores IIS configuration settings as XML. You should back up the Metabase regularly. The Metabase has two components: the Metabase.xml, which holds the data, and the Metabase schema file. Backing up the Metabase makes backup copies of both files, using a .mdVersionNumber file for the Metabase and a .scVersionNumber file for the schema file. You can safely restore the Metabase from a backup if you lose all the IIS settings. It's important that you understand that the backup utility backs up only IIS entries, not Web site content. Therefore, you need to configure the Web site manually after a restore. Here are the steps to create and restore backups.
  1. Open the IIS Manager utility.
  2. Select the server and right click and select All Task | Backup / Restore Configuration.
  3. You will get the Configuration Backup/ Restore window (see Figure 3)
  4. Select the Create Backup button to create a backup (It will take the next version number by default) or select a backup and click the Restore button to restore the IIS settings.

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