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What's New In IIS 6.0: A Practical Administrative Guide (Part 2 of 2) : Page 4

The first article in this two-part series explored IIS 6.0's new features. This part of the series concentrates on the "hands on" activities to implement and manage those new features. You'll see how to configure IIS 6.0 to leverage Web services extensions, enable ASP.NET processing, and troubleshoot some new IIS 6.0 issues.




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Enable Health Detection
Health detection lets IIS monitor its worker processes. You can enable pinging and configure rapid fail protection from the Health tab on the Properties dialog (see Figure 4). When you enable pinging, the IIS root process contacts the worker thread every X seconds, where X is the number of seconds between pings—the ping interval. The default ping interval is 240 seconds. You can also set a process startup time limit (if you've enabled process recycling) and a shutdown time duration (if the worker process gets into a deadlock position) using the Health tab.

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