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Deploy PHP Pages and JSP Pages Within the Same Web Context

You need to integrate PHP content and JSP content in a single Web application. Should you convert the PHP to JSP, or vice versa? A better question is why choose. You can deploy both in the same Web application context.

n an ideal world, businesses would select one technology platform and deploy it throughout their entire enterprises. In the real world, information systems are composed of a mix of operating systems, platforms, and application environments. To add to this complexity, the systems nearly always are a blend of modern and legacy.

For application developers, this can lead to a rather daunting challenge, particularly when two disparate technologies need to coexist within the same application. An example of this is side-by-side deployment of PHP-based content and JSP-based content within the same Web application. This 10-Minute Solution offers one approach for deploying PHP and JSP pages within the same Web context.

How do I deploy PHP-based content and JSP-based content together within the same Web application context?

Configure Apache to locate PHP pages within the JSP Web context and to handle all PHP/CGI requests while letting Tomcat handle all other requests.

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