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A Guide to Cryptography in PHP : Page 4

This comprehensive guide discusses where to get, how to install, and how to use the various cryptography packages available to enhance the security of your PHP applications.




Application Security Testing: An Integral Part of DevOps

Encrypt Data Using an Arbitrary Key Length with the Crypt_RSA PEAR Package
This package supports two-way encryption; it's based on the RSA block cipher. Crypt_RSA supports encryption and decryption using an arbitrary key length. You can download the latest version (1.0.0, stable) and install it like any other PEAR package:

> pear install pear_package_name

Crypt_RSA performs intensive math calculations, for which it uses one of the following extensions:

Here's an example of using this package:

<?php require_once 'Crypt/RSA.php'; //Generates the pair keys function generate_key_pair() { global $public_key,$private_key; $key_pair = new Crypt_RSA_KeyPair(32); //Returns public key from the pair $public_key = $key_pair->getPublicKey(); //Returns private key from the pair $private_key = $key_pair->getPrivateKey(); } //Check runtime errors function check_error(&$obj) { if ($obj->isError()){ $error = $obj->getLastError(); switch ($error->getCode()) { case CRYPT_RSA_ERROR_WRONG_TAIL : // nothing to do break; default: // echo error message and exit echo 'error: ', $error->getMessage(); exit; } } } $file = 'textfile.txt'; generate_key_pair(); $plain_text = file_get_contents($file); //get string represenation of the public key $key = Crypt_RSA_Key::fromString($public_key->toString()); $rsa_obj = new Crypt_RSA; check_error($rsa_obj); //Ecnrypts $plain_text by the key $key. $encrypted = $rsa_obj->encrypt($plain_text, $key); $encrypted_file = @fopen('encrypted.txt','w'); $ok_encrypt = fwrite($encrypted_file,$encrypted); if($ok_encrypt){ echo 'The encrypted code was succesfully created '. 'in encrypted_file.txt!!!'.'<br />'; } else{ echo ("The write of this file failed!"); } @fclose($encrypted_file); $enc_text = $encrypted; //Get string represenation of the private key $key2 = Crypt_RSA_Key::fromString($private_key->toString()); check_error($key2); //Check encrypting/decrypting function's behaviour $rsa_obj->setParams(array('dec_key' => $key2)); check_error($rsa_obj); //Decrypts $enc_text $decrypted = $rsa_obj->decrypt($enc_text); $newfile = @fopen('newfile.txt','w'); $ok_decrypt = @fwrite($newfile,$decrypted); if($ok_decrypt){ echo 'The decrypted code was succesfully created '. 'in newfile.txt!!!'.'<br />'; } else{ echo ("The write of this file failed!"); } @fclose($newfile); ?>

Generating Hashes with Crypt_HMAC
The Crypt_HMAC PEAR package contains a class you can use to calculate RFC 2104-compliant hashes. Crypt_HMAC is easy to use; you need only provide your secret key, the hash method you want to use, and the plaintext string. Crypt_HMAC supports both MD5 and SHA-1 algorithms. The latest stable released version is 1.0.0. You install it just like any other PEAR package:

> pear install pear_package_name

And here's a simple example that creates a hash using Crypt_HMAC:

<?php require_once 'Crypt/HMAC.php'; //Creating a key by repeating the "0x0b" character for 20 times $key = str_repeat(chr(0x0b), 20); //Creating an instance of the Crypt_HMAC class //$crypt = new Crypt_HMAC($key, 'md5'); $crypt = new Crypt_HMAC($key, 'md5'); //Hashing function echo $crypt->hash('Hello')."<br />"; $key = str_repeat(chr(0xaa), 10); $data = str_repeat(chr(0xdd), 50); //Sets key to use with hash $crypt->setKey($key); echo $crypt->hash($data)."\n"; ?>

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