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Build an Object-Oriented Tree Control Using JavaScript : Page 4

When you need to display hierarchical information in your Web pages, build this Explorer-like tree control by creating only three polymorphic JavaScript objects.

Set up the Branch Object
The branch object is similar to the tree object:
function branch(id, text){
   this.id = id;
   this.text = text;
   this.write = writeBranch;
   this.add = addLeaf;
   this.leaves = new Array();
The branch constructor includes id and text properties. The id property serves as the unique identifier for the document object written to the screen and the text property represents the text to display next to the folder. The leaves array is a collection of children the control displays for any branch node. Note that branch objects include the necessary write() method to enable their storage in the branches array of a tree object. Because both the tree and branch objects include write() and add() methods, those methods are polymorphic. Here are the implementations for write() and add():
function addLeaf(leaf){
   this.leaves[this.leaves.length] = leaf;

function writeBranch(){
   var branchString = 
      '<span class="branch" ' + 
      onClick="showBranch(\'' + this.id + '\')"';
      branchString += '><img src="closed.gif" id="I' + 
      this.id + '">' + this.text;

   branchString += '</span>';
   branchString += '<span class="leaf" id="';
   branchString += this.id + '">';
   var numLeaves = this.leaves.length;
   for (var j=0;j<numLeaves;j++)
      branchString += this.leaves[j].write();
   branchString += '</span>';
   return branchString;
The addLeaf() function does the same thing as the addBranch() function of the tree object—it appends the object passed to the method to the end of the leaves collection.

The writeBranch() method first sets up the HTML string necessary for the display of the branch and then loops through the leaves array and calls the write() method of each object stored in the array. Once again, you can only store objects that implement a write() method in the leaves array.

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