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Book Excerpt: Mobile and Wireless Design Essentials

Mobile and Wireless Design Essentials provides a detailed analysis of the complete range of current mobile and wireless technologies from a software developer's perspective. Chapter 9: ''Persistent Data on the Client'' discusses your options for maintaining client data and covers the pros and cons of every type of data store.




Building the Right Environment to Support AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

his book explores the full spectrum of wireless networks including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 3G. You'll also find easy-to-understand guidelines and pointers on how to implement a mobile and wireless application to extend your enterprise systems and meet your company's needs.

This book presents key information on:
  • How to build smart client applications using mobile database and synchronization technologies
  • The complete spectrum of messaging technologies, including email, SMS, MMS, WAP, Push, and application-to-application messaging
  • Wireless Internet architectures and related markup languages, including HDML, WML, cHTML, XHTML, and VoiceXML
  • Technologies that complement enterprise mobile solutions, including PIM and location-based services
  • Resources and Web sites to consult for industry specifications, downloadable software, and mobile and wireless updates—in dozens of clear, easily referenced tables
  • Download the PDF of Chapter 9: "Persistent Data on the Client"

    Reproduced from Mobile and Wireless Design Essentials by permission of Wiley. ISBN 0471214191, copyright 2003. All rights reserved. Learn more about the book at Wiley.com, or buy the book at Amazon.

    Martyn Mallick is Senior Software Engineer in Product Management and Wireless Solutions Evangelist for iAnywhere Solutions, a subsidiary of Sybase Inc. He works with enterprise corporations implementing enterprise mobile solutions, conducts training seminars worldwide on mobile and wireless technology design, development, and deployment, and is a regular guest speaker at major conferences.
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