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CodeWarrior Wireless Studio Soothes Portability Woes : Page 2

The latest IDE in the CodeWarrior line will have you building and deploying mobile applications for phones and handsets in no time. With pluggable support for a wide variety of platforms and VMs (including J2ME, Personal Java, and J2SE), CodeWarrior Wireless Studio promises a shortened development cycle and all the features you'd expect from CodeWarrior.




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I tested this feature on a Pocket PC, and hunting down bugs was downright enjoyable with CWS. You can step through the code, step through lines, explore the stack, and keep watches on variables.

Because no project is too small for version control, I was glad to see how easy it was to integrate our existing version control system, CVS, into CWS. You can download plug-ins for your choice of version control system, from CVS to Perforce, to Visual Source Safe.

User Interface
Yet another great feature in this product is the UI editor for MIDP. Using CWS RAD (Rapid Application Development) tools and Wizards you can easily create a form and add it to your project. Use the WYSIWYG editor to modify the form and the MIDP component palette to drag and drop MIDP elements into that form. Hook it up to your app using events and wires. The great thing about the WYSIWYG editor is that it actually follows the MIDP specs for approximate form control placement, giving you a general idea of what your MIDP form will look like on a device.

Nokia Series 60
As I mentioned earlier, integrating the Nokia Series 60 Java SDK into CWS is a snap. The SDK comes with the MIDP 1.0 and Nokias UI API. The Nokia UI API provides sound, device, and user interface extensions for the Series 60 devices. You can augment your base application with Nokia specific features to provide that segment of your users with the additional facilities afforded by their devices.

When All Is Done and Tested
What's a review without some complaints? Well, there's not much to complain about here. CodeWarrior Wireless Studio is a solid product providing extensive integrated support and flexibility that'll ease your development. The plug-in's architecture affords easy platform targeting and support. On-device debugging was an awesome feature. I asked MetroWerks if they would be providing on-device debugging for other platforms, especially phones. They told me that they were aware that this was a feature desired by many developers and that they were working closely with manufacturers to make that possible. Since developing for hand-held devices can be quite a struggle, this would be an incredible addition that would help ease many development woes. CodeWarrior Wireless Studio is certainly a worthwhile addition to your toolkit.

Robert Cadena is owner of factorysouth, a wireless application development company that creates handheld, wireless, and Web-based games for entertainment companies. You can reach him at robt.cadena@stanfordalumni.org.
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