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Run Big Java Apps on Small Devices  : Page 4

Sure enough—you can run full-fledged J2SE applications on small devices. SavaJe OS for the Pocket PC can let your users run Java apps on their wireless devices and free you from the burden of porting them to the J2ME. Find out just how much you can expect from this first-of-its-kind product.




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Networking-related Classes in J2SE
I tested the following networking- and I/O-related J2SE classes in SavaJe:

  • ServerSocket: It properly instantiates new server sockets, listens for requests and creates Sockets reliably.
  • Socket: Socket also works fine. I did not detect any problems by calling its various methods.
  • Input and Output Streams: I tried various input and output streams such as FilterInputStream, BufferedOutputStream, and BufferedOutputStream. I found all read/write operations worked fine.
  • File: I experienced no problem in opening files and creating File type objects.
Networking- and I/O-related classes are very reliable in SavaJe. I also tested multiple applications to run simultaneously on SavaJe and found that SavaJe has no problem with multitasking.

Deployment Recommendations
The virtual mode in SavaJe is very reliable. If you have a Java application that you want your customers to use on SavaJe, just ask yourself one question: Will the users of my application like be willing to use the scroll buttons to navigate the device window across the application GUI? If the answer is yes, then you can go ahead and target your app for SavaJe devices.

But if your answer is no and you think users will not be inclined to use the virtual mode, you may want to rethink. The normal screen mode is not bad but there are plenty of situations that will flummox it. If you have more than seven menus on the application's menu bar, you can forget using normal mode unless you redesign the application.

Apart from this, the networking- and I/O-related classes of SavaJe work perfectly and are very reliable. Moreover the performance (execution speed) of all programs that I tried was very good; comparable to what normal PC users are accustomed.

Bilal Siddiqui is an electronics engineer, an XML consultant, and the co-founder of WaxSys, a company focused on simplifying e-business. He is a technology evangelist and frequently published technical author.
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