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Creating a Windows Mobile Wireless Remote PowerPoint Clicker : Page 3

Imagine giving a presentation from your cellphone! Learn how to write a PowerPoint clicker application for your Bluetooth-enabled Windows Mobile device.

Translate the Controller for Windows Mobile Devices
With the desktop component done, now you'll use Visual Studio 2005 to create a Windows Mobile application. Name the project RemoteController_WM.

Figure 3. The Default Form1: Populated with the various controls.

Populate the default Form1 with the following controls (see Figure 3):

  • Button
  • Label
  • MenuItem

Switch to the code-behind of Form1 and declare the following member variable:

Public Class Form1
    Private WithEvents serialPort As New IO.Ports.SerialPort
Double-click the Open MenuItem control and use the code in Listing 5.

Author's Note: The COM6 is dependent on which COM port you have selected to use on your Windows Mobile device. Refer to the last section of this article to determine which COM port to use.

Double-click on each of the Button controls and use the code in Listing 6.

Define the DataReceived event so that you can receive messages sent from the desktop application:

     '---receives data from the Bluetooth comms---
    Private Sub DataReceived( _
      ByVal sender As Object, _
      ByVal e As System.IO.Ports.SerialDataReceivedEventArgs) _
      Handles serialPort.DataReceived
        lblSlideNo.BeginInvoke(New _
        myDelegate(AddressOf UpdateLabel), _
        New Object() {})
    End Sub
The delegate and UpdateLabel() subroutines are defined as follows:

    '---delegate and subroutine to update the slide no.---
    Public Delegate Sub myDelegate()
    Public Sub UpdateLabel()
        Dim response As String = serialPort.ReadLine()
        lblSlideNo.Text = response
    End Sub
Finally, service the Form1_Disposed event to close the serial port when the application exits:

    '---when the app exits, close the serial port---
Private Sub Form1_Disposed( _
   ByVal sender As Object, _
   ByVal e As System.EventArgs) _
   Handles MyBase.Disposed
    End Sub

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