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Top 10 Google I/O Sessions for Android Developers : Page 2

The Google I/O 2011 Developer conference is here. As an Android developer, what sessions should you attend? Here are 10 you can't miss.


Evading Pirates and Stopping Vampires using License Verification Library, In-App Billing, and App Engine (Android Games, 201)

This session covers a bunch of interesting topics, most notably some of the new ways you can sell content through Android apps, above and beyond the single app purchase. It also covers best practices for protecting your application content from software pirates.

Bringing C and C++ Games to Android (Android Games)

An overview of the Android Native Development Kit (NDK), which allows developers to link in C/C++ libraries to Android applications. This session will help you determine if the NDK is appropriate for your project, or not, and provide best practices for using it. Recent NDK updates will likely be highlighted in this presentation.

Android + App Engine: A Developer's Dream Combination (Android, 201)

If you've read our beginner Android book, SAMs Teach Yourself Android in 24 Hours, you'll know that we love Google's "cloud-based" App Engine technology. This session uses the Eclipse Android tool-chain with Eclipse to develop an App-Engine-powered Android application.

Android Protips: Advanced Topics for Expert Android App Developers (Android, 301)

You can never have too many tricks in your "Android Developer" bag. We seem to recall a similar session last year was a big hit. Many of these tips are likely most appropriate for moderately advanced developers who are already familiar with the Android platform.

Memory Management for Android Apps (Android, 301)

Much like the previous session, here's another session that we recall from last year's I/O conference. The newest Android SDKs have numerous updates from a memory management perspective. Again, many of these topics are likely most appropriate for moderately advanced developers who are already familiar with the Android platform.

Don't Forget the Fireside Chats, etc.

We rarely attend the Fireside Chats at the conference, because we are immersed in the more technical sessions. That said, we always catch the recorded versions of these chats after-the-fact. Often you'll find out important information about where the platform is going, and when. Hints, somewhat-substantiated rumors, and the like are often eluded to or debunked at these chats, making them invaluable to developers who want to know what's on the horizon.

Some sessions may very well be placeholders for currently unannounced details of upcoming Android updates (e.g., will they start talking about Ice Cream Sandwich) should there be any official announcements at the conference. This would, of course, make a particular session much more enticing. Nothing in the current list has not been previously discussed or announced.

Session Level: Conclusion

Whether you're lucky enough to attend Google I/O in person, take advantage of I/O Extended at locations around the world, or watch as an arm chair participant with I/O Live streaming sessions, there are lots of exciting opportunities to expand your knowledge of Android programming. Let us know which session you are most excited about and how they turn out! Who knows, we might be there, sitting right next to you. Don't forget to say hello.

Shane Conder Shane Conder and Lauren Darcey--Contributing Editors, Mobile Development--have coauthored two books on Android development: an in-depth programming book entitled Android Wireless Application Development (ISBN-13: 978-0-321-62709-4) and Sams Teach Yourself Android Application Development in 24 Hours (ISBN-13: 978-0-321-67335-0). When not writing, they spend their time developing mobile software at their company and providing consulting services.

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