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Book Excerpt: Learn All About ''Wireless Security & Privacy''

This book provides wireless and security professionals a foundation upon which to design secure wireless systems. Most security problems are handled reactively rather than proactively; this does not have to be the case for wireless security. Over the past decade, advances in software development have outpaced advances in software security.




Building the Right Environment to Support AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

ccording to Wireless Security and Privacy: Best Practices and Design Techniques, wireless technology—still in its infancy—affords the opportunity for proactive security that keeps pace with development. Written for wireless development professionals new to security, and for security professionals moving into the wireless arena, this book presents the foundation upon which to design and develop secure wireless systems. It looks in depth at the key issues faced by those who develop wireless devices and applications, describes the technology and tools that are now available, and offers a proven methodology for designing a comprehensive wireless risk management solution.

In particular, Wireless Security and Privacy documents the I-ADD process, which offers a standardized, systematic approach for identifying targets, analyzing vulnerabilities, defining strategies, and designing security into the entire development lifecycle of a wireless system.

Chapter 10: "Analyze Attacks and Vulnerability" discusses the fact that once roles and targets have been identified, known attacks, vulnerabilities, and theoretical attacks can be analyzed. This analysis examines how these threats affect the resources we want to protect. From this analysis potential mitigation techniques and protections mechanisms are determined.

Download the PDF of Chapter 10: "Analyze Attacks and Vulnerability"

Reproduced from Wireless Security and Privacy: Best Practices and Design Techniques by permission of Addison-Wesley. ISBN 0201760347. All rights reserved.

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