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Web-enable Your Business Intelligence Using XML/A and ASP.NET : Page 3

Exploit the power of XML for Analysis (XML/A) and make your data cubes available via the Web using a simple Web service, an ASP.NET Web Form, and some XSLT to format the data.




Building the Right Environment to Support AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Using the Sample VB6 Applications
You can test your installation easily by compiling a small Visual Basic 6.0 (VB6) project called Simple.vbp, installed with the XML/A SDK. You'll find it in the Samples subdirectory. The installation doesn't include an EXE file, because you may need to change some server- and- location-specific settings. Therefore, you need the VB IDE to run the application. Here are the steps to run the program and test the SDK:
  1. Open the Simple.vbp project in VB6
  2. Locate the constant WEB_SERVER in the frmSimple form, and replace the value localhost with the name of the server where you created the xmla virtual directory (see Figure 3). If you're running your Web server locally, you can skip this step. .
  3. Run the program.
  4. On the form that appears, select the XML option, and then click the Execute button. That contacts the server, which generates the MDX result set.
  5. Try again, this time selecting the HTML option. You'll see the same result, but this time in tabular form (see Figure 4) resulting from an XSL transformation of the XML returned by the server. The SDK download includes the XSL file, named xamd.xsl. You'll find it very useful for displaying OLAP data.
Figure 3. If you aren't running a local server, replace the WEB_SERVER constant value "localhost" in the file Simple.frm with the name of your server.
Figure 4: Here's the XML transformed by XSL using the stylesheet in the file <span class="pf">xamd.xsl</span>.
You should experiment with this application by trying different options and operations, and also review the code to understand it in more detail.

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