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12 Tips for Preparing Your Apps for the Cloud

Planning ahead can make the transition to cloud computing easier.


If current trends continue, many enterprise applications will one day be moving to cloud computing environments, even if they aren't in the cloud already. InfoWorld's Andrew C. Oliver offers twelve tips for developers that can help that transition go more smoothly"

  1. "Move toward HTML/JavaScript.
  2. Move to standards.
  3. Finally base your security on Web-oriented single-sign on.
  4. Go SOA.
  5. Go REST/JSON.
  6. Ditch Microsoft .Net.
  7. Upgrade your development methods.
  8. Go HTTPS.
  9. If you are Java, go WAR file.
  10. Deploy a private cloud that has a public version.
  11. Take baby steps.
  12. Do your homework."

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