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AMD Announces APU Developer Tools

The tools will support AMD's new chips that combine CPUs and GPUs on the same piece of silicon.


Next year, AMD plans to release its Berlin APUs, which will combine traditional CPUs with graphics processors (GPUs) on a single chip. To prepare for that launch, it is releasing tools to help developers exploit the capabilities of the new product.

In general, developers will be able to treat the combination CPU/GPU as a single chip, and the APU will automatically determine whether to run workloads on the CPU or the GPU. However, AMD is adding CodeXL 1.3, a suite of developer tools, to its server chips. It has also worked on Project Sumatra, an open source tool that makes it easier for Java developers to use the graphics features of the APUs, and GCC/HSA, which adds APU support to the popular open source GCC compiler.

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