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Devx Daily News Archives : January 2010

What App Developers Are Saying About the iPad - 01/29/2010
Find a Bug in Google Chrome, Earn $500-$1337 - 01/29/2010
Adobe: Flash Apps Will Run On The iPad, Even Full Screen At Some Point - 01/28/2010
Oracle Hails Java  - 01/28/2010
Free Linux Training to Help You Get a Job - 01/27/2010
Android Apps for Developers and IT Pros - 01/27/2010
Will Developers Flock to Apple's Tablet? - 01/27/2010
Novell Unveils Software Appliance Development Package - 01/26/2010
Packaged vs. Custom Software: Having it Both Ways - 01/26/2010
Google Updates Chrome with Extensions, APIs - 01/26/2010
Life After Windows: What Happens To Tech If Microsoft Dies - 01/25/2010
Agile Development Hitting the Mainstream, Report Says - 01/25/2010
Social Media Is Finally About the Media - 01/25/2010
Proof of Concept Brings Flash to the iPhone - 01/22/2010
Developers in the Loop on Guardian’s New Government Data Site - 01/22/2010
Is the App Broken, Or the API? Find Out With API-status - 01/21/2010
Hot Tech Jobs 2010: Look to Mobile and the Cloud - 01/21/2010
Amazon Moves to Emulate Apple With Kindle Apps - 01/21/2010
The Open Source Default - 01/21/2010
iPhone Developer, $13.44/Hour - 01/21/2010
Code Is the New Resume: How to Get an IT Job in Today's Economy - 01/21/2010
IBM's Project Vulcan: The Next Generation of Lotus Notes and a Rival To Google Wave - 01/20/2010
Are There Enough Smart Developers for Google? - 01/19/2010
The Rising Importance of Cross-Platform Applications - 01/19/2010
Yahoo Keeps Turning Off The Lights; Shopping API Goes Dark. - 01/14/2010
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