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Devx Daily News Archives : February 2010

How to Use Open APIs for Business Growth - 02/26/2010
Six Failures of Poor Application Quality - 02/26/2010
Tools for Putting Web Apps to the Cross-Browser Test - 02/26/2010
PayPal to Open App Store for Developers - 02/26/2010
Fixing Independent Programmers' No-Win Scenario - 02/26/2010
Microsoft Sets App Dev Investment Priorities - 02/24/2010
Need a job? Learn Drupal - 02/24/2010
Apple's Ban On Risque Apps Helping Google - 02/24/2010
Microsoft Releases Two Virtualization Applications for Business - 02/23/2010
Will an Algorithm Pick You For Your Next Coding Job? - 02/23/2010
10 Golden Rules for Building Successful Web Apps  - 02/23/2010
Proactive Performance Monitoring For Web Apps - 02/23/2010
The Truth about Mobile Application Stores - 02/23/2010
FOSS Devs Can Collect Damages From License Violators - 02/23/2010
Google Certification Program: Building Cloud Approved Developers - 02/20/2010
Bump’s Mobile Data Swapping API Now Open To Everyone - 02/20/2010
U.S. and E.U. Approve Microsoft/Yahoo Search Deal: What it Means for Consumers and Developers - 02/20/2010
CodePlex Open Source Group Moves Beyond Microsoft - 02/19/2010
Oracle Set To Merge Java Virtual Machines - 02/19/2010
Microsoft's New Pitch: 'Every .Net Developer Just Became a Windows Phone Developer' - 02/19/2010
Google CEO Preaches 'Mobile First' - 02/18/2010
Embarcadero Brings Developer Tools to the Cloud - 02/17/2010
Cloud Platform Choices: A Developer's-Eye View - 02/17/2010
Hits and Misses in Microsoft’s New Mobile Software - 02/16/2010
UShareSoft Rolls Out On-Demand Application Delivery Platform - 02/12/2010
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